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The Trippiest FPS You'll See Today

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

quicktequila's Lovely Planet might be lovely, yes, but it sure is hard to tell what's going on in it.

So you've got this um, stick. The website calls it a "semi-automatic" with an infinite bullet supply. You jump, shoot, and progress through the garish but unique-looking levels and worlds, making this perhaps more of a first-person platformer with some shooting than a proper FPS. Your "precise gun ballet" is then scored using Angry Birds-esque stars.


On top is some fresh gameplay footage, while this video below is an earlier teaser trailer. It is somewhat unsettling. Then again, so is the gameplay footage. Overall I'm getting some rather creepy vibes from this one.

Lovely Planet lands on PC "soon." It might just turn out to be some sort of twisted horror game.


Lovely Planet Gameplay Trailer [Indie DB]

Lovely Planet [Official Website]

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