The Trash Talk During Microsoft's Conference Was Awful [UPDATE]

Trash talk never sounds good—the things you say in the heat of the moment don't make sense and cursing is unbecoming.


So the awfulness when a Killer Instinct producer and an Xbox live community manager took the stage and trash talked isn't surprising, although having it be scripted trash talk takes the awkwardness to a whole other level.

UPDATE: The trash talk was not scripted. We apologize for the error. "The comments in question during the Killer Instinct demo were not scripted," a Microsoft spokesperson told Kotaku. "The demo was meant to include friendly gameplay banter and there was there was no ill intent.”

That, and as game developer Jonathan Blow recently said on Twitter, "'Let's bring a woman on stage and joke about how she's bad at games, and say stuff like 'relax, just let it happen, it'll be over soon'??"

Kind of unreal.



I think what the folks saying, "how was this a rape joke," are missing is that this is a common line delivered to victims to get them to comply with a horrifically violent sexual act.

Ultimately, we can all choose to ignore the reality of what our words mean (because subtext is just as important as context and surface meaning)—or we can choose our words more carefully.

One of those choices is infinitely more self-serving (and infinitely easier) than the other. Instead of bowing up in the butt and throwing a tantrum, try entering the conversation—listening to not just WHAT people are saying but WHY they're saying it—and understanding that if you've ever trash-talked in this manner, nobody's actually calling you a rapist; they're just asking you to hear how your words might sound to someone who's been through the worst.

That's really all.