The Toy Story Truck That Is In Every Damn Pixar Movie

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If you're a Pixar fan, you've probably heard about the Pizza Planet truck easter egg, which famously appears in many of the films they make. Here is every single instance that the truck has appeared in a Pixar movie, chronicled in four minutes.

As you might know, Pizza Planet is a famous location inside of the world of Toy Story—but that's not the only place where the the location is referenced, as evidenced by this montage created by FunWithGuru.


Honestly, I missed quite a few of these over the years. I'm particularly baffled by its inclusion in movies like Brave, and Cars. Yes, the latter cameo makes sense, except I'm weirded out by the idea that eventually, the truck becomes sentient. What.

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I like the implication of it and Sully showing up in Brave being that the witch is some kind of dimension or time hopper.