The Top Six-Selling Wii Games In Japan Are...

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The Wii's been out since 2006. It has, since then, moved a ton of units in its native Japan. But what about the games? Which titles have rocked the Wii's world more than other titles which may have rocked it less, if at all? These six have, and according to Media Create they're the top-selling games on the system (in Japan). All have sold over a million, all are developed by Nintendo, none of them are Super Mario Galaxy.


1) Wii Sports - 2,979,275

2) Wii Play - 2,368,967

3) Wii Fit - 2,038,730

4) Smash Bros Brawl - 1,620,119

5) Mario Party 8 - 1,254,542

6) Mario Kart Wii - 1,227,169

メディアクリエイト、「Wii」関連のデータを公開本体の国内累計販売本数が600万台を突破 [Game Watch] [Pic: BBC]

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Even tou gh I have them all myself (except Smash Bros, euroland power) can't help but to be sad thar more oldscholl type games aren't there, like Mario Galaxy or Zelda TP.

A moment of silence for oldscholl gaming please...




...thank you.