Never before has a pair of godlike beings doing battle on a scale that's at once miniature and massive gotten the song "Happy Together" by The Turtles so deeply rooted in my head. Such is the power of Marvel Vs .Capcom 3 Minimates' third and final round.

Captain America vs. Ryu! Doctor Doom vs. Wesker! Series three of Diamond Select Toys' MVC3 Minimates pulls out the heavy hitters for a one-two punch of... I just can't stop d'awwing over Amaterasu. That's the most adorable Minimate I've ever seen. Who's a good dog?

Where were we?

Cap, Ryu, Doc and Wesker join specialty market exclusives She-Hulk vs. Chun Li and X-23 vs. Felicia in comic book stores across the country this week, while collectors seeking MODOK vs. Akuma or the ultimate โ€” Thor vs. Amaterasu โ€” will have to wait for Toys "R" Us to get their exclusive-hoarding butts into gear in the coming weeks.

So while I wait for a tiny Minimates Amaterasu to terrorize my Minimates Thundercats, here's what the rest of the gang is up to.



MVC3 Minimates Series Three Gallery [Art Asylum]