The Time True Detective's Director Made A PlayStation Commercial

This PlayStation Vita commercial is nearly two years old. If you live in the United Kingdom you've probably seen it before (I don't, and haven't). I post it tonight, though, because of who made the clip: Cary Fukunaga.

This wasn't that big of a deal when the commercial was released. It is now.

Continuing Sony's long tradition of hiring very talented people to make their commercials, Fukunaga directed this off the back of his success at Sundance (with Sin Nombre) and his Fassbended Jane Eyre adaptation.


He's since gone on to kick our asses with True Detective, one of the best damn TV shows ever made and whose final episode (at least for its first season, starring these characters) is about to air tonight.

I'd normally say something like "and when it's done I just won't know what to do with myself", but then, between House of Cards and the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones we're in the middle of some kind of TV show dreamtime.

[via Super Punch]

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