The Time They Thought Pokémon Was Satanic

Summoning monsters to do your bidding, recording their names in strange electronic tomes, holding millions of children in its thrall — is it any wonder the Christian community thought Satan might have had something to do with Pokémon's popularity?


The latest Did You Know Gaming explores the many times pocket monsters and religion clashed, and it's quite a few times, really. When an entertainment property becomes as big as Pokémon was around the turn of the millennium, religion enthusiasts tend to keep an eye out for signs that everything might not be on the up-and-up.

With correlations to ancient texts on demonology and creatures pulled from "Pagan" religions, the Christian community was concerned about what Pokémon might do to its children. They even began to believe the "Gotta Catch'Em All" theme song from the show said "I Love You Satan" when played backwards.

Eventually the Vatican weighed in, declaring the games free of "harmful moral side effects." It's highly likely the Vatican's research did not include searching "Pikachu Porn" on Google. DO NOT DO THAT.

It wasn't just Christians either. Check out the video to see how Pokémon was accused of being both anti-Semitic and part of a "Jewish conspiracy."


Gawker is Dead

did not watch the video but my country and the rest of the Arab countries have banned pokemon awhile ago because kids could not stop playing it and buying cards.

They blamed it on jews.... Just like everything else of course. They quickly spread the rumor that pikachu means "pika-jew" which Arabs thought means " I am jew "

If you think your country is stupid know that a whole fucking continent actually believed in this conspiracy theory as a fact and had a law to ban it.

Know that the whole continent think ISIS is Jewish trying to make Muslims look bad too. They don't even know their own damn religion. Everything they don't understand is Jewish wizardry and they wonder why they can't go over their stupid wars.....that is also because of the Jews.