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The Tester 2 Episode 8: "Season Finale" Liveblog: End Of Line

Illustration for article titled The Tester 2 Episode 8: Season Finale Liveblog: End Of Line

Twelve potential Sony testers have been narrowed down to three, and now comes the moment of truth. Who is the ultimate tester, and how long will they work in Sony's testing department before they realize they've made a terrible mistake?


I can't believe it's over. Do you know what this means? After eight weeks of covering this silly program, two of which I was technically on vacation, I will finally get off at my regular time on a Tuesday afternoon next week. I can hardly believe it myself.

This is it. The toad elevating moment. Hold your breath and dive right in.

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I am curious to know the possibility of Game Testers ever moving up in the totem pole to things such as Game Designers. With my three degrees and hundreds of applications flooding all my favorite gaming studios to be a Game Designer, I have yet to have a bite and am wondering if I may have to start at the bottom of the totem pole like Testing.

Though if the "room for growth" is something like "in 6 years maybe we'll look at you" then I'm not so sure :(