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The Tester 2: Episode 7: "Trouble With Trivia" Liveblog: Smoochies

Illustration for article titled The Tester 2: Episode 7: Trouble With Trivia Liveblog: Smoochies

Who will go home in this week's episode of Sony's The Tester 2? Who cares? We've got a picture of War Princess and guest panelist Adrianne Curry kissing. What were we talking about again?


Kawaiizilla passed along this picture of Tester 2 contestant War Princess and this season's guest pretty person Adrianne Curry sharing a smooch late last week, which would bring up questions of favoritism amongst the judges of the show if what happened last episode hadn't happened. See? I'm keeping things spoiler free!

This week's challenge is trivia, so you can imagine how action-packed the live blog will be. I'm on the edge of my seat.


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why do you guys give this show any attention?