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The Terror, and the Laughter, Behind the PC's Latest Zombie Craze

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

DayZ, a very rough mod for serious PC shooter ArmA II, is winning over a ton of new players daily with its brutal, hands-off approach to the zombie apocalypse.


In my time spent with the mod so far, I've died falling down a ladder, been robbed blind by murdering assholes, eaten by zombies and...partied on a party bus.


What I haven't had a chance to do is travel on foot in a large pack of survivors. Like these guys. It's the kind of safety in numbers this game/social experiment is crying out for, and you'll see why in this video. If you think CHKilroy is getting a little too excited, nope. This is pretty much what I sound like playing the game.

A reminder to everyone: this is a very rough thing. It's early, alpha days on a mod that often breaks, has twitchy zombies and is getting very tough to find server space for. What's attracting people isn't so much the experience itself, but the experience that's there coupled with the anticipation for what it can be once it tightens up a little.

The Days Ahead [CHKilroy]