The Terrible Splendor Of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Support-Line Hold Music

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The Star Wars orchestra is telling me I'm about about to go on an epic adventure. But I'm not. I'm at my desk, on hold.


This morning, I had the realization that every MMO player dreads: My long-since lapsed Star Wars: The Old Republic account had actually been active since I set up a "free" trial account earlier this year, slowly draining money from my bank account through PayPal even though I hadn't been playing the game.

It's my fault for not checking more carefully, of course, though PSA: Make sure you're not paying for games that you're not playing! (I wonder how many of the folks who are still subscribing are lapsed ghost-accounts like me?)

I wanted to share the hold music that you must listen to if you call SWtoR account support. I've been on hold for about an hour and a half at this point (I'm still on hold as I publish this), and over and over again, it's this music:

It's broken up every so often by this vaguely Imperial-sounding guy, who reminds you that you're in the queue and that your call will be answered as soon as an agent becomes available.

Some questions:

1) Who chose this music? Was it random? Was it discussed at length?

2) Was it deemed the most soothing of all of Williams' music? (Or, as a couple people have pointed out, LucasArts in-house guy Mark Griskey's?) What makes for good hold music, anyway?


Update: Composer Lennie Moore has reached out to let me know that in fact, it was he who composed the hold music in question. Good show, Lennie. Sorry I had to listen to your work over the phone, so many times in a row. Heh.

3) Who is the voice actor who reads the line about being in a queue? He really fits with the Star Wars universe. Vaguely british, clean in that Star Warsy way. Did they tap one of the many voice actors from the game to do it?


4) Is it the best idea to play Star Wars music to people who are on your support line, and therefore likely inconvenienced or in some way mad at Star Wars?

It's such a majestic selection, too. I'm still on hold as I type this, and I can just imagine it: The sweep of the galaxy; endless stars, moons and asteroids, stretching as far as the eye can see. Somewhere, this music tells me, adventure awaits. Knights and bounty hunters clash, and the seeds of revolution are sewn. All of that is just waiting for me.


Well, until someone finally picks up and I can cancel my damned account.



Is that Revan and Malak?

that artwork looks glorious. makes me want another KotOR.

too bad it will never happen