The Ten Best New Things In Fallout 4 (So Far)

Ugh. Fallout 4. Where do I even begin? So much excitement, speculation, trepidation. Let’s get our thoughts in order with a list.

Longtime Fallout players that we all are, team Kotaku brainstormed about the top ten things we’re looking forward to doing in Bethesda’s new game—or, at least, what we think we’ll be doing, based on the information the developer provided in its E3 press conference on Sunday. It’s not like Fallout games have had the most stable of video game launches in the past.


Chris Person put together a video, which you can watch above. Here are my favorite highlights:

You can...

Walk away from people mid-conversation

People, or robots. Or super-mutants. Or ghouls. Or anything that’s gained the ability to speak thanks to years of debilitating radiation, really. There’s equal-opportunity rudeness in the apocalypse!

Play video games on your in-game Pip-Boy


Because why spend your time looking at some beautifully rendered wasteland when you can be climbing up ladders in a 2D adventure?

Turn your real-world phone into a real-world Pip-Boy


For all those pesky times that you aren’t near your PC or console and can’t be playing Fallout 4.

See the world end for yourself


It’s the first Fallout game that begins before the apocalypse! Does it still count as a post-apocalyptic adventure, then?

Drive yourself crazy with the character creator


I don’t even want to think about how much time I’m going to spend adjusting and readjusting my nose, facial hair, and god knows what else before I get down to starting the actual game. This is some serious Sims-level shit.

Build your very own wasteland colony and trading network


Speaking of Sims-level shit, the level of customization and world-building options in this game sound insane. You can break down pretty much any weapon, piece of armor, or whatever other random junk you scavenge into crafting ingredients to make new stuff. And the “new stuff” isn’t just other types of weapons, armor, and random junk—though there’s certainly a lot of that, too. You can also build your own settlement from the ground up, and link it to other parts of the game’s open world with trade lines.


Man. I know that’s not the most thrilling screenshot of Fallout 4. But just think for a second of how far this series has come. The original Fallout began with you wandering into a dingy settlement known as Shady Sands and explaining to a farmer there how crop irrigation works. Now it sounds like you’ll be looking up tutorials to figure out how to irrigate your own crops—if you’re into that sort of thing.


And the best part about Fallout 4? As Chris says in his final point in the video, we should be able to play it in a matter of months. That puts it ahead of like 99% of what we’ve seen at E3 so far this year.

Please, Bethesda, don’t delay it.

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