The Telegraph, Brought To You By Nintendo DS Flash Carts

Interesting example of "different horses, different courses" at work here. While companies in Japan are trying to erase the very thought of the R4 flash cart, in Britain, the R4 can advertise on the Telegraph!


You can see the proof above. The ad - proclaiming the device to be a "featured partner" of the paper's site - says the R4 "allows you to watch movies, play music, browse pictures, read E-Books and more". "More" being, in many cases, the use of pirated software on the DS.

Course, the ad isn't being paid for by the manufacturers of the R4 themselves. It's supplied by a British online retailer who just happen to sell the R4. But still! It's a delicious irony, considering the device's questionable legality in the country.

[The Telegraph]

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