British Industry Group Not Impressed With The R4

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Enjoying your R4 carts, Britain? I bet you are. Designed as they are to run code on a DS, many use them for homebrew, but some, obviously, also use them to pirate legitimate DS games. And it's those folks attracting the attention of the authorities, spoiling it for everybody else. The ELSPA (Britain's industry body) reckon that the sale of R4 (and other, similar) carts "is an infringement and an offence under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and the Trade Marks Act 1994", and from here on they'll be investigating any and all retailers stocking the units. It's important to note that at this stage this is more of a warning than a direct threat, as they haven't come out and called for an immediate, blanket ban, but I imagine a stern warning is all it will take for many small retailers to quit stocking them anyway.


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Funny how the only piracy advocate in this entire thread who mentions reviews states that they are just "one person's opinion". Apparently, there is only one video game reviewer ever, and he somehow prevents you from soliciting the opinions of anyone who isn't him.

@Billkwando: Please don't start the "it's not theft, it's legally copyright infringement" arguement here again. It has been debated before and there is a difference between the legal definition of something and the practical one.

If they were legally identical, would you still be arguing the law? Assuming-for the sake of argument-that piracy isn't theft, you're still arguing that it's a violation of a creator's right to control the reproduction and distribution of their creative work. Your argument is like saying "It's not assault, it's armed robbery".

@liquidnumb: "Pirates provide all these services FOR FREE, and in their SPARE TIME. So what is it that makes these people feel they DESERVE a customer, and have a right to their money?"

The part where they met the producer's price for their product. It's called capitalism.

And if you're making the silly argument that I hope you're not making; there is no such thing as a right to profit in capitalism. There's a right to sell, but no guarantee of a sale.

What no pirate has ever explained-to my personal satisfaction-is the part where they should be able to get a given product without paying the seller's price for it. In meatspace, that's what's known as "theft".