To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Arcade Mania In (Japanese) Stores So the television guy came by today to check out my dead tele. Turns out it's something called the "Z card". Essentially it's what controls the white balance. So the guy is going to replace it next week, if it blows again I get in-store credit for a new television. Come on bad television. What you missed: Nintendo Portends Mysterious Kirby-Themed Events Next Week The Secret Apprentice Talks Gaming, Japanese Voice Acting and Putting the Sexy in FU New Halo Helmed By MGS4 Producer Guitar Hero: World Tour Owes Me The Force Unleashed Review: As If Millions of Star Wars Fans Suddenly Cried Out Neversoft on Guitar Hero: World Tour The 100 Retailer Pop Quiz - What Gaming Console Should We Buy? Vicarious Visions Talks Guitar Hero: World Tour Wii Konami: No Guitar Controller For Rock Revolution