Just like an all-star music festival where awesome acts keep announcing that they'll be showing up to play, upcoming PlayStation Vita game Sound Shapes keeps pulling in top-notch talent to its creative roster. Game-loving celebrity DJ Deadmaus is contributing to the game and now he'll be joined by some bonafide indie gaming superstars.

Two of the creators behind last year's hit iOS game Sword & Sworcery have made levels for Soundshapes, which turns musical tracks into platforming puzzle gameplay environments. Sonic creations from music and effects man Jim Guthrie will be paired up with the distinct elongated pixels of designer Craig Adams (the guy behind the Superbrothers indie dev studio) once again, marking the first time they've teamed up again after their award-winning collaboration.

Sworcery wound up being one of Kotaku's favorite games last year and our own Kirk Hamilton declared the game's soundtrack to be better than that of any other 2011 game. So, are we expecting big things for Guthrie and Adams' Sound Shapes levels? You better believe it.