The Sweetest Game of Tetris You'll Ever Un-Play

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For decades now the world has been obsessed with the stacking of tetrominos, passionately rotating and placing odd geometric shapes in a never-ending quest for the perfectly-packed screen. We have to learn to let go. Dream of Pixels can help.


Dawn of Play's Dream of Pixels is an ingenious take on the classic Tetris formula. That's elusive perfect stack has been completed, filling the sky with an infinite field of dream clouds. All that's left is for you to lay back in the grass, stare up at the sky and begin deconstructing that wondrous construction, on shape at a time.

As the rectangular bank of dream substance slowly descends, players are tasked with taking it apart, tetromino-by-tetromino. Rotate the same set of shapes that were used to build that masterpiece, dissolving it in rows of one to four.

It seems like a simple task at first — just move the shapes about and poke holes in that ephemeral wall. Then pieces start getting left hanging in the air below the falling clouds. Clearing lines becomes more urgent, as it's the only way to reunite those hanging thoughts with the main mass. It's certainly not as stress-free as I assumed it was when I first saw the game in action, though it is just as therapeutic.

Players looking for something a bit more relaxing can always take on the game's Zen Puzzle mode, which presents cloud-crafted pixel pictures and a selection of pieces used to take them apart.

Every time I think I've seen every possible variation of the Tetris theme possible, a developer like Dawn of Play comes along with a delightful surprise like Dream of Pixels, one of the dreamiest gaming apps on iTunes.

Dream of Pixels -- $.99 [iTunes]


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And there goes another 99 cents from my pocket. Stop it Fahey! (jk please continue, the app store is impossible to sift through)