Super Mario...Sisters? | Beth Turnsek flips the Mushroom Kingdom on its head. Nice pants, Prince Peach.

Ocean Marketting Jackass Earns $10 Discount for All Pre-Orders

In a statement just released, N-Control, maker of the "Avenger" accessory linked to the infamous marketer Paul Christoforo, has promised a $10 discount coupon for all who pre-ordered the device, as an apology for Christoforo's conduct toward a customer, which drew the wrath of the global video... More »


The Best Video Game Trailers Of 2011

With an onus on spectacle and selling you on a mood, instead of a stage or actual footage, video game trailers have become an artform unto themselves. More »


These Might Have Been the 50 Most Torrented Things On the Internet In 2011

Torrent site has opened its databases to the download specialists at TorrentFreak, sharing with them the 50 most commonly searched terms for torrent downloads in 2011.
While it's not perfect, and doesn't include other major Torrent indexes like Pirate Bay, it's as good as we're going to get,... More »


Game Artists Create Their Ultimate Characters

Every year, give or take a few months, the best video game artists from around the world get together and submit entries in a competition called Dominance War.
The aim is to create the ultimate character. More »


Man Hacks Skylanders, Gets Nasty Letter From Activision

To pass the time, hacker Brandon Wilson - who normally messes around with graphics calculators - decided a few months back he'd take a look under the hood of Activision's Skylanders action figures, see what makes them tick.
After playing around with the figure's RFID bases, he collected his... More »


Rock Band Now Has a Twenty-Minute Song

Because Rock Band's existing library just isn't punishing enough, Harmonix will be releasing Rush's epic 2112 as downloadable content for the game over the next week.
The thing here is that, while the song is split into seven "acts", and available as separate tracks accordingly, if you buy the... More »


New Zelda Toys Look Lovely

While we're still waiting for proper, new Zelda action figures, Japan keeps getting Gashapon (capsule toy) pieces, continuing with this new line celebrating three very distinct eras of the franchise.
There are six figures in all, with a Link and a Zelda from each.Ocarina of Time (the childhood... More »

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