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New Zelda Toys Look Lovely

Illustration for article titled New emZelda/em Toys Look Lovely

While we're still waiting for proper, new Zelda action figures, Japan keeps getting Gashapon (capsule toy) pieces, continuing with this new line celebrating three very distinct eras of the franchise.


There are six figures in all, with a Link and a Zelda from each.Ocarina of Time (the childhood characters), Phantom Hourglass (so, Wind Waker) and Skyward Sword are represented, each faithfully recreating the art style of the respective games.

You can preorder the set now for $35.

The Legend of Zelda Series Figure Collection Capsule Toy (SET of 6) Takara Tommy Arts [Hobby Fan, via VGMM]

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Paradox me

Nearly ten years later and I still can't get over how awesome The Wind Waker's art direction is. I hope whoever proposed that got a big promotion.

I wouldn't mind seeing one of the earlier art directions make a comeback for a future 3D Zelda title.