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The Super Mario Galaxy Cake - King Of All Game Cakes

Illustration for article titled The Super Mario Galaxy Cake - King Of All Game Cakes

There are game cakes, and then there are Game Cakes, the ones that require capital letters, applause, and perhaps a brief moment of teary silence. This Super Mario Galaxy cake is definitely the latter. Constructed of pure greatness, actual cake, fondant, Rice Krispy squares, fiber optic lighting, and pure love, the cake features several Super Mario Galaxy features and characters, including the under-glass pill-shaped puzzle area and Princess Peach's castle. And then just when you think it couldn't get any better, the damn thing moves. Hit the jump to see the cake in action. The cake was designed and implemented by a man named Will, who suckered his daughter Hannah into the Super Mario Galaxy creation for her 4th birthday party. His trickery cost him 7 batches of Rice Krispy treats and 7 different cakes, but the results are simply amazing.

I had an extremely hard time deciding what to put on the cake. If you've played the game you might understand. There are so many levels its ridiculous. I had to have the castle and one round world. And for some reason I got bent on having the glass pill looking planet thing which I just thought would look cool on a cake. The silver disc was an add on at the end of my decision so I could add Luigi and some Galaxy like spinning. Seriously, I had the worst time cutting out worlds I wanted on here.


On behalf of everyone who has ever admired a video game-based cake, I hereby dub Will our new king. Hannah's 4th Super Mario Galaxy Cake [Will and Liliana's Web Page]

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Am I the only person completely tired of game cakes? I guess I am. I mean, this one is extremely impressive, but in general... OK, I get it. Cakes that look like game levels or logos. Congrats. Now make something your family and friends can actually eat without feeling bad.