What is Pac-Man Battle Royale? This week's Amusement Expo in Vegas explains it all with a playable four-player Pac-Man face off that borrows from both Pac-Man Championship Edition and Super Pac-Man to interesting results.

Arcade Heroes captured first footage of the newest multiplayer Pac-Man arcade "come back", giving us a good idea of how it works (way more informative than that "teaser" spot). The level layouts appear to be the same as the excellent Pac-Man Championship Edition, but the return of the over-sized Pac-Man from long ago, capable of cannibalizing his fellow Pac-Men, adds a new layer of depth.


Pac-Man Battle Royale appears to put more of an emphasis on Pac vs. Pac play, not as much on pellet and ghost eating, an intriguing turn of events.

Check out more hands-on info at Arcade Heroes and express your interest—if you have any—for a console port in the comments


Amusement Expo 2010: Pac-Man Battle Royale Hands-on [Arcade Heroes]