Not A Summer of Gaming for Totilo - Totilo wasn't a big fan of this summer's gaming offers. Here's what was sitting at the top of his desk pile. (Photo by Brian Crecente)

The Traveler's Guide To Quakecon

QuakeCon isn't just a celebration of all things id Software (and a touch of Bethesda) it's also one of the longest running bring-your-own-computer gaming events in the world. More »


Climbing an Neverending Tree is as Tough as a Kick In the Nuts!

Nuts! could have been one of two games. It could have been a crass title in which you punch dudes in the crotch, or it could have been about squirrels literally collecting nuts.
Sadly/fortunately, depending on your interest in the pummelling of the male crotch, this one's about the latter.
Nuts!... More »

Sony's Vita Can Do Some of What Nintendo's Wii U Does

We learned back in June that the PS Vita could play nice with the PS3, but how much can the two systems do together? Apparently about as much as the Wii U. More »



If His Demands Are Met, He Guarantees Battlefield 3 Will Triumph Over Modern Warfare 3

In today's online multiplayer shooter edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter WhoKnew? lists the tweaks he believes will lead to more people playing Battlefield 3 than Modern Warfare 3 this fall. More »


Rage is the id Software Comeback I've Been Waiting For

Rage opens with a glimpse of a fictional future once considered possible.
Apophis, a very real 885-foot-in-diameter, planet-killing asteroid named after the Egyptian god of darkness and chaos, rumbles, like a collapsing mountain, slowly into view. More »

Left 4 Dead's Newest Campaign is in Minecraft

People make all sorts of weird stuff in Minecraft that I just don't get, but playing Left 4 Dead inside of Minecraft, that's something I can get into. More »



This Game Lets You Bolt a Machine Gun to a Shotgun, top it with a Chainsaw and Add Another Machine Gun

In Serious Sam: Double D, you will beat a hasty retreat as scores of giant, headless Amazonian women carrying lit cartoon-style bombs over their naughty bits chase you. More »


This is Pinball Using Live Human Bodies

In the amazing version of tilt-free pinball shown in this video, one person is the pinball. Other people are the flippers. Or sometimes fences are the flippers. More »


The Hand That Guides the Gears of War Universe

In 2006 when science fiction author Karen Traviss' editor asked her if she wanted to do a military video game tie-in novel, it was the first she'd heard of Epic Games' Gears of War. More »


PlayStation Store Update: Galaga's Legions and Warhammer's Kill Team

Hey, you like shooting things? Good. Because this week's North American PlayStation Store refresh has, like, at least three different variations on the shooting things genre, including Galaga Legions DX, Warhammer 40,000: More »

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