The Stylish Way To Play Your NES

Dave Nunez sure likes 3D printing stuff, and his latest project was no small undertaking. Inspired by his desk lamp and a pile of spare parts, he came up with the design for this 'NESPoise' system, and it sure is pretty.

The same guy who created the tiny Xbox One, Dave has a 3D printer and wanted to create a miniature NES machine for his desktop. So fourteen hours of printing later (and who knows how man hours designing and assembling), the NESPoise was created.


It's definitely worth taking a look at the story behind the thing over at his blog, where he explains the various design ideas that did and didn't work. There are also more images on his flickr page.


If you happen to have a 3D printer (and woodworking tools, and electronics, etc etc.) you can get the design over at Thingiverse.


[via it8bit]

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