The Xbox One is not a small console. In fact, it's the biggest console currently in my entertainment center. But what if it were tiny? No, I mean really tiny.

This 3D-printed Xbox One model comes from Dave Nunez, who has made several other very cool 3D-printed gaming console models in the past. If you have a 3D printer, you can get the schematics over at Thingverse and print one of your own.


Another angle:

Aw, look at the little guy.

And yeah, okay, this might be a little small for a gaming console. But think how easily it'd fit in among your other stuff! Though if you wanted Kinect to hear you, you'd probably have to whisper.


Check out Nunez's blog for more very nifty, very tiny 3D printed gaming consoles.

(Via Technabob)

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