The Street Fighter IV of My Japanese Pop Culture Dreams

Japanese artist Kei Suwabe created profiles for characters that don't exist in Street Fighter IV, but Japanese pop culture.

If you are not familiar with Japanese pop culture—from kiddy shows to potato chips—some of the characters will be lost on you. There are universal favorites, however, like Colonel Sanders and Donald McDonald. (Yes, in Japan, he's "Donald", not "Ronald".)


None of these characters are likely to appear in a future Street Fighter, which isn't a bad thing. I wouldn't want to see them face off with the likes of Ryu and Chun-Li. I'd want to see them face off against each other.

Gachapin versus Glico Man—fight!

More in the links below, including more on the artist's Pixiv page.

Kei Suwabe [Official Site via The Errant Cluster via Reddit via Dtoid]


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