The Story of NieR:Automata Tells of a Dark Future [Update]

Introduced at this year’s E3, Square Enix’s new NieR game, developed by Platinum Games, now has an official name and new information on one of its main characters.

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Officially titled NieR: Automata—because, sure—the action RPG takes place in a future where mankind has been driven from the planet by alien invaders and their mechanical creations. This week’s Weekly Famitsu introduced the game’s plot as follows:















A rough translation to English reads:

A distant future.

A sudden invasion by aliens.

And their weapons, “mechanical organisms.”

Against their overwhelming power,

humanity was driven from the Earth and fled to the moon.

In order to take back the Earth,

humanity created a resistance army of android soldiers.

And in order to end the military stalemate,

a new android

the battle infantry, the “YoRHa” unit, was sent into the field.

In an uninhabited world,

a fierce battle between machine weapons and androids,


opens a door of unknown truth...

Translation by Toshi Nakamura

Aside from the base story, details on one of the titular android warriors, the YoRHa 2 Model: B, designed by former Square Enix designer Akihiko Yoshida, have been released.

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Called “2B” for short, the android is an all-purpose combat model android who uses swords for close-range battles and a support system pod for long-ranged attacks. (She probably doesn’t have a willy).

While she was unmasked in the initial trailer, her profile description states that, “Because she wears battle goggles, she rarely shows her eyes.” Also that, “androids are forbidden to have emotions, but each model has its own distinct personality. 2B is a rather cool and quiet model.” Images in the magazine show her with a black cloth wrapped around her eyes like a makeshift blindfold.

Update: Here is some gameplay footage that was taken at Paris Games Week... Platinum sure knows how to do their action. (Hat tip to fbh for the cleaner version video)

NieR: Automata is scheduled for release on the PS4. No word on an official release date yet.


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I like Neir partly because it has some connections on the Drakengard series.

But I somehow dread it has a sequel because I have to fish out the game and try to finish it finally. Overwritten game to barely half and that you have to walk far and wide....