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The Story Of Far Cry 2's Fire

Of all the things Far Cry 2 does well, few are done as well as the game's use of fire. Things in the game burn as they should, and fires - as they'll do - once lit, out of your control. Start one and it's as likely to come after you as it is your enemies. Yet, as I raised in my review of the game, few people really seem to notice just how well it's done. So let's take a closer look. Gamasutra are running an interview with Jean-Francois Lévesque, the guy at Ubisoft Montreal who programmed the game's fire, and it's great reading, detailing how one junior programmer took a minor feature in the game and managed to turn it into one of the most innovative new weapons we've seen in a while. Interview: How Far Cry 2's Fire Fuels, Spreads [Gamasutra]

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