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The Stillness of the Wind is a farming game about life, loss, and solitude. You’ll play as an elderly woman on the edge of civilization, creating a routine out of everything from milking goats to reminiscing about the past. You’ll also receive “increasingly disturbing” letters from your family in the city. Fun! It’ll be out later this year.

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I don’t think it’s the right place but I truly hate with passion this kind of “mini article”, we can’t click on them when on the home page of the blog and it’s a pain in the ass to navigate. I want to open a new tab and see the video from there then look at the comments. I both can’t open a new tab nor see the comments on such article without having to click on the dots on the side then go to permalink. Just make it clickable like every other type of article, please :’(

I skip them most of the time or they annoy me to no ends. I thought a blog would like having more views!