The SteelSeries Siberia Headset Line Is All-New, Relatively Different

SteelSeries launched its Siberia v2 gaming headset back in 2009, and for five years I've not been able to attend a gaming function without seeing them everywhere. Now the peripheral maker has announced a four model family of next-gen Siberias, ready to proliferate supernaturally this holiday season.

First we have the beating heart of the line, the Siberia v3. Remember the Siberia v2 I mentioned earlier? This headset is one more v than that.


This is your basic $99 headset. Well, not basic. The v2 was very good, and the v3 has been enhanced with next-generation SteelSeries drivers, which is bound to make a difference. The ear cups don't glow, but you shouldn't notice that when you're wearing them.

For those craving a bit more control to their soundscape along with the ability to magically change colors, there's the $139.99 Siberia v3 Prism.


Along with the colorful holes in the side, the Prism adds the ability to store unlimited sound profiles via the SteelSeries Engine, along with microphone noise suppression and auto compression. It's fancy, but not as fancy as the next pair.


The $199 Siberia Elite Prism is an upgrade to the already popular Siberia Elite.


Available in white or black with customizable color all over the ear cups, the new Siberia Elite features an improved USB sound card, fine-tuned ear pad comfort (this is important) and a an all-new microphone.

And finally we have the cheap bastard of the Siberia line, the Siberia RAW Prism. This $59.99 entry-level headset is so cheap it wouldn't even spring for its own image. Scroll back up to the top image. See that first one? The one with the gray padding and lacking that lovely suspension band? That's the RAW. At least it glows.


Each of the four new headsets (six models, counting color alts) is either available for preorder or purchase at the SteelSeries website.

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