The Steam Stream Plays Primal Carnage, A Shooter Full Of Dinosaurs

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This week, the Steam Stream checks out Primal Carnage: Extinction, the latest attempt at making a multiplayer dinosaur shooter, well, not horrible. Watch now!

Also on the docket for today: Battlefield-like top-down shooter Running With Rifles, permadeath horror game Space Beast Terror Fright, and the Jet Grind Radio-esque Hover: Revolt of Gamers. Soooooo maaany gaaaames.


Update: stream's done! Primal Carnage was dumb fun, Space Beast Terror Fright did indeed have space, beasts, terror, and the smallest smidgen of fright, Hover was very early, and Running With Rifles rocked. I also ended up playing a bit of Hero Generations, a roguelike RPG mixed with Civilization-style strategy, at the end. That one's not out yet, but it's fantastic. Anyway, watch it all below:

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The Steam Stream is a marathon of recently released Steam games that (for now) airs every Wednesday afternoon. The goal? To help you sift through the ceaseless avalanche that is Steam's "new releases" section in a quick, easily digestible fashion. If you hate the unbridled havoc of moving pictures and prefer slow, easy-going words, fear not: each of these games will also get brief write-ups that will explain why you should (or shouldn't) care about them.


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