The Steam Machine: Unboxed and Taken Apart

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Valve recently sent 300 lucky gamers some prototype Steam Machines, and people are already getting to uploading pictures and video unboxings of the things online.


And we're not just talking taking it out of the wooden framing it came in. We're talking unscrewing things and unplugging things inside the hybrid PC/console's insides.

If you missed the news over the weekend, I've rounded it up for you here.

Unboxing. Exploratory surgery.

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I really have a hard time believing that this will do very well.

I mean...unless game devs start developing for STEAMOS alongside Windows, and the majority of the Steam catalog gets ported over to STEAMOS, then maybe, just maybe it has a fighting chance. But I just don't see it.

What is the advantage of STEAMOS? Seriously?

The only thing here that has me interested is the controller, which if it works in Windows...