What happens when a symbol of freedom is portrayed in the most liberated way possible? This, apparently.

In Japanese, The Statue of Liberty is known as "Jiyuu no Megami Zou" (自由の女神像) or literally "The Statue of the Liberty Goddess." As in English, the word "jiyuu" (自由) can also refer to "unrestricted" or "as one pleases."

That's why Takara Tomy is releasing a set of "Jiyuu Sugiru Megami" (自由すぎる女神) or "Way Too Unrestricted Goddess" figures, with Lady Liberty making a bridge, acting embarrassed for doing whatever she wants, relaxing and reading (above), being seductive, offering a respectful bow, and wearing her gown on her head.

According to Akiba Blog, the figures are priced at 200 yen (around US$2) each, with the promotional poster reading, "Be free from all restraints that bind you. Wreck all the old ideas that tie you. Even more, be free from the idea of 'free' itself. The usual 'liberty' is not perfect freedom." Deep.

The poster also reads, "I walked here from America."

タカラトミーアーツ、「自由すぎる女神」がフリーダム。ちゃんと立ってろwww[Akiba Blog]

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