The Spy From Team Fortress Would Be An Excellent James Bond

Apart from the fact that Spy is originally from France, he'd still perform well in Her Majesty's Secret Service. This video mashing up Team Fortress 2 with the most recent James Bond flick is so incredibly well done it leaves that impression.


Guess who plays the antagonist with the funky hair.

Spyfall [YouTube. Video by THE PINKY]

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I had to laugh so much at the ending, it was so fitting for the Spy! (because this could be considered a spoiler I'll explain the joke in a second comment).

Overall a fantastic piece of work. I do believe this isn't a first-time job either. If I had to guess this was made by One More User, the same guy who did Law Abiding Engineer and The Demo Knight.
Edit: According to the video description the guy who made this was indeed inspired by OneMoreUser's work.