Three old Splinter Cell games are being re-released on the PlayStation 3. If you thought they'd be upgrades of the PS2 versions, you're wrong. And if you thought they'd include online multiplayer, you're also, sadly, wrong.

The three games - Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory - are some of the finest and most revered in the series. Yet there will be no co-op or multiplayer modes included with these "upgrades", which for many would have been half the point of getting the thing, especially given people's fond memories of Pandora and Chaos Theory's multiplayer experiences.


On the slightly bright side, the three versions will not be updates of the PS2 editions of the games. They'll instead be upgrades of the PC versions, meaning there's a little more detail to be spruced up.

The games will also pack trophies and be viewable in 3D. You can buy them individually or as a pack from the PSN store, or as a compilation bundle on Blu-Ray from a retail store.

All three games should be out on June 21.

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