The Spectacular, Cross-Country, Double-Decker Developer Summer Holiday

The Develop Industry Excellence Awards kicked off earlier this week with the above video. I'm no expert, but I suspect that there may have been some post-production shenanigans going on here. I met Mark Rein once and he doesn't have a British accent.


Here's a run down of some of the folks you'll spot in the video (including a Kotaku alum):

Scott Henson (Rare)
Nick Burton (Rare)
Craig Duncan (Rare)
Peter Molyneux (Lionhead)
Stuart Richardson (Develop magazine)
Michael French (Develop magazine)
Will Freeman (Develop magazine)
Rob Crossley (Develop magazine)
Kristian Segerstrale (Playfish)
Andrew Oliver (Blitz Games)
Alice Taylor (Channel 4)
Andy Emery (Side)
David Rutter (EA - FIFA Producer)
David Braben (Frontier)
Martin Hollis (Zoonami)
Jo Twist (Channel 4)
Cathy Campos (Lionhead)
Philip Oliver - (Blitz Games)
Ian Harper - (Future Games of London)
Mark Rein - (Epic Games)


Thanks to Richard for the tip and rundown.

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I never knew that Peter Molyneux was from Kotaku! Wow!