Novy Soyuz is an upcoming game from Best Way, the Ukranian devs behind the excellent strategy series Men at War. It's basically Fallout, only set in the USSR.


The story - translated by Reddit user Dreamercz, since the game's page isn't in English - is that the Cuban Missile Crisis doesn't end so peacefully, and the USA and USSR bomb each other into the stone age. It's set in 2012, and you play a 70 year-old survivor of the initial war of the 1960s. Which sounds awesome.

The devs are promising an open world to explore, with everything taking place in real-time and players given the option to pause things.


So far so FallOut, but a big part of that series has always been taking the piss out of Cold War America. Seeing things go down from the other side of the fence looks interesting! Especially given the fact these Eastern Bloc types have a track record of making depressing, awesome games set at the end of the world (STALKER, Metro, etc).

Novy Soyuz [Official Site, via Reddit]

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