The Sophia Portrait From Xenogears Replicated For Only $360

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Image: Square Enix
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While the portrait of Sophia looked impressive in Xenogears, it might look even better on your wall.

According to Hachima, Square Enix is selling a high-quality replica version of the painting in a fancy frame based on the original game data. Priced at 39,800 yen ($361), the portrait is to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary and is available through Square Enix’s Japanese eshop.


Square Enix calls this a premium item and points out that the first round of prints is signed and numbered on the back by Xenogears character designer Kunihiko Tanaka.

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Ravenous Sophovore

Xenogears is almost always at the top of lists of games Japanese gamers want to see remade, IIRC.  I’d certainly prefer it to the FFVII remake that they assure us is definitely happening.