The Soothing Sounds Of...Minecraft?

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I don't normally associate feelings of tranquillity with playing Minecraft. Normally it's a blend of tedium and sheer panic. The game's official soundtrack, though, is as tranquil as a good night's sleep.


Quietly released last Friday, this is the official soundtrack to the hit PC indie game, and in keeping with the spirit of the game itself isn't selling for $10 on Amazon. It's instead going for a minimum of $4 on bandcamp (you can pay more if you want!), which will get you not only 22 tracks (in FLAC if you're an audiophile) but a hi-res shot of the album's amazing cover art, which we've pictured above.

I never really notice the music of Minecraft too much, but as someone who digs ambient stuff while I'm at my desk working, this is a great album. It's got all the music you find in the game, some additional music you don't find in the game, and some sound effects occasionally thrown in over the top. Like chickens.


The entire soundtrack was composed by electronic artist C418, aka Daniel Rosenfeld, a 21 year-old from Germany. A budding freelance musician, Rosenfeld - who is currently serving his compulsory national service - doesn't work for Minecraft developers Mojang and isn't swimming in gold bars.

What he seems to be, though, is happy, something money can't always buy. Rosenfeld tells us that, thanks to the success and exposure generated by Minecraft, he's been able to quit making music in his spare time and start making music full-time.

And where next? "Hey, if I earn enough to pay my video game obsession and perhaps can get like two horribly nerdy expensive analog synthesizers a year, I don't see myself being famous and on MTV ever! Ever!"

Fun fact: in addition to providing Minecraft's music, Rosenfeld also did most of the game's sound effects, too. So that dull "thwack" you hear as fist hits wood? That's him. "And no, the horrific thought that the imperfection of my measly attempt to make sound effects could be heard about 100 times a second did not ever cross my mind. Not even now. It's easy. Just think about pink elephants."


You can grab the soundtrack here, and check out more of C418's music here.

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Darrisbob1 - ☆彡

There are a few tracks that I notice right aways while playing Minecraft, and they make me imagine great and terrible things. Sort of reminds me of the soundtracks in Ico.

Some of the music in Minecraft make me shiver, or welt up. Worth $4? Yup.