The Somewhat Exciting On-Rails Space Combat Shooting Gallery of The Old Republic

The Old Republic isn't just about waiting, running, and shooting. This is a Star Wars game, and what would a Star Wars game be without action-packed space combat? Just look at how much fun I'm having here, and try not to be too jealous.

Okay, so it's a sad macro-scale mini-game that would be right at home on the iPad or an Android tablet. That doesn't mean you can't have fun flying through space all alone, half-heartedly clicking on enemy ships with your mouse cursor. The space bar does a barrel roll! Certainly that counts for something, right?


It's not all bad. The sound effects are brilliant and the rewards for engaging in the game's space combat are rather lovely. It just feels like I'm playing a Nintendo 64 Star Wars game than anything remotely approaching current generation.

Oh well. Hopefully the big improvements BioWare promises to bring to space combat include making it remotely interesting.


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