The Snow Cliché, And The Rest Of The Modern Combat Eye-Rollers

Illustration for article titled The Snow Cliché, And The Rest Of The Modern Combat Eye-Rollers

One of several clichés of modern military first-person shooters lamented by the jokers at Cracked. Oversimplifying? Sure. But you try telling these screenshots apart. The full graphic is at

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Fernando Jorge

I'll repost what I posted there:

Rainbow Six isn't even a war game and it plays completely different from CoD or MoH.

This is more like... an entire topic devoted to two recent Call of Duty games and one recent Medal of Honor game.

Then two of the five points in this topic are stupid. The one about helicopters, it is a MODERN WAR game, what did you expect? The one about killing a main character... that's like, not even exclusive to modern war games and it isn't present in all of them.

I'm not even into CoD or MoH, it is just silly when people say all modern war FPSs (or even worse, all modern FPSs) look the same when in fact they are talking about one game (Call of Duty). Battlefield Heroes doesn't look/play like Halo which doesn't look/play like Killzone 2 which doesn't look/play like Rainbow Six Vegas which doesn't look/play like Brink which doesn't look/play like STALKER, etc and so on.