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The Smash player and streamer who got suspended from Twitch for drinking too much recently returned by chugging a beer. Clad in a kimono, Joseph “Mango” Marquez stabbed the can open with a knife before proclaiming that he’ll continue to be himself, and that he refuses to be “another fake streamer.” Later, he took an online alcoholism test that told him he should “consult a medical professional immediately.”

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I mean, great for him? I won’t feel sorry if he gets another ban after being warned once that abusing alcohol on a stream violates the terms and conditions. Even if his first violation was a joke. But I guess he’s allowed to throw his stream into the metaphorical gutter.

But as someone with my own alcohol problems, I sorta feel a little disgust at the glorification of getting drunk on a stream. And to turn this “consult a medical professional immediately.” into a joke is probably the worst part of this stream. I mean, I live in Utah, and I’ve attended AA. It was useless to me (I don’t believe in a “higher power”), but alcoholics should turn to whatever resources are available in their community to alleviate the temptation to drink. Even rehab if they can afford it.