Illustration for article titled The Skywalker Ranch Has A Treasure Trove Of Old LucasArts Games

In Northern California, Star Wars creator George Lucas has a sprawling complex called the Skywalker Ranch. If you found your way inside, you might stumble upon a big room full of concept art, design documents, and files for all sorts of old games.


When working on Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer and some of his team members got to take a trip out to that room, as documented in the mini-doc filmed by 2 Player Productions on the making of this remastered classic. (2 Player Productions, you may recall, is the fantastic company responsible for Double Fine Adventure, one of the most revealing looks at game development we’ve ever seen.)

Watch it—it’s pretty rad. Oh, what I’d do to get access to that room at the ranch. Bet they still have all the code and assets from Star Wars 1313.

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