The Sincerest Form of Flattery

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You can't imagine how flattered we were today to discover that the Daily Mail doesn't just read our little gaming site, they even like to sometimes "repurpose" our news.


Take for instance their story this evening headlined: Jewish groups slam violent 'blast-the-Nazis' Auschwitz uprising video game.

Under the tantalizing headline we found a surprisingly familiar group of quotes. Quotes from interviews we conducted with the Anti-Defamation League, interviews with the Simon Wiesenthal Center (though they spelled their center with a fancy misplaced R) and quotes from the game's developer saying things he says he didn't share with anyone else.


It even seems that some of McWhertor's writing style rubbed off on them, and why not, he's a great writer.

So thanks Daily Mail for making us feel important today. We needed that. And thanks to all you sites out there that love us AND credit us. We like that even more.

Jewish groups slam violent 'blast-the-Nazis' Auschwitz uprising video game [Daily Mail, Thanks to Wardrox for the heads up.]

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Platypus Man

I saw something from Daily Mail that I know 100% they took from Wikipedia without checking it because, well, it's not true. It's hilarious because I added it to Wikipedia and tons of people believe it, including the Daily Mail.

Clearly, not the most trustworthy of news sources.

Maybe they just think the Web is public domain? []