The Sims Social Overtakes FarmVille, but Don't Worry, Of Course We Know You Don't Play Either

Illustration for article titled emThe Sims Social/em Overtakes emFarmVille/em, but Dont Worry, Of Course We Know You Dont Play Either

EA's designated Zynga-killer, The Sims Social just toppled FarmVille from its No. 2 perch in "daily active users," the key stat describing a Facebook app's popularity, according to app-watching site AppData.


The 9.3 million DAUs, as they are called, come about a month after The Sims Social launched. Farmville, by comparison, launched in July 2009. The Sims Social is second to Zynga's CityVille (launched December 2010) which is comfortably ahead, for now, at nearly 14 million DAUs.

If monthly users are your thang, The Sims Social is behind Farmville 34 million to 35.6 million.


The Sims Social Overtakes Farmville In DAUs [Gamasutra]

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I play The Sims Social. Any of you got a problem with that? Well, if you do, feel free to bash me in the replies so I can neglect your complaints over my personal choice of pasttimes. After all, it's my own time, I have fun and nobody is losing anything. Still, as a friendly advice, it is the right time to come and hatefully claim I'm not a real gamer, that I don't know what a good videogame is, et cetera, et cetera. Never lose an opportunity to look like an idiot if that's your kind of thing!

I actually got interested in this when the trailer came out because I've always enjoyed The Sims. Plus, my girlfriend is not much into videogames, but she plays some casual games online, so I figured it was something we could play together. At first she wasn't interested, but then her teenage sister wanted to build a room and asked her to join the game and she did - then she started to enjoy it, and so I joined too.

At first it was a bit jarring. I'd never played a Facebook game before and it felt too slow and too little, so I started to think I'd soon get tired of it. But, actually, it's only improved as I played it - while my house is still crappy because I lack the in-game funds and real-life patience to make it better, it's been pretty fun to "grind" relationships with other people and try to get the ingredients for the quests with the help of others. Plus, because it's got a very short limit of energy, it's one of those pasttimes where you can just check it occasionally during the day for five minutes and not lose a lot of real time over it - but, unlike what I've heard of Farmville, there's no real consequence to neglecting the game for a while either, at least apparently. Whereas, in Farmville, you're forced to check your crops and stuff regularly or else lose them, making it an obligation if you want to play it decently, The Sims Social seems to work a lot like Nintendogs - if you don't check your Sim in a while, he'll only have low needs, which you can easily fix. But, then again, I've played almost daily now since I have a lot of time, so I can't be sure.

So, is it a "real" game? Well, I guess not, especially seeing as how I once stated fun was the objective of a videogame and all the "hardcore" gamers came to heatedly discuss my oh-so-wrong generalization. But it's fun to play and it's a cooperative multiplayer experience - it's always fun when my girlfriend teasingly tells me we had WooHoo (sex) in the shower in the game, or mockingly complains that I keep ignoring her because my Sim avatar, for some dumb reason, refuses advances from the female Sim he's in a relationship with - including sex!