The Sims 4 Just Added A New World For Free

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Well here’s a nice little piece of content. In its latest update for The Sims 4 today, EA added a whole new world to the game. No, not the Aladdin kind. But that would be pretty awesome too.


The new third world is called Newcrest. EA explained in an announcement that the new world is intended to help serious Sims players who’ve overcrowded the original two worlds The Sims 4 launched with. But I also appreciate the fact that Newcrest looks a tad more...urban than Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. Both of them are nice-looking, but they left the game with an overwhelming suburban vibe.

Hopefully this new world will lead to more awesome metropolitan creations from advanced Sims builders.


Today’s patch also added a “custom room tool,” which lets you make rooms in with custom wall shapes. Also, going forward, neighbors bearing fruitcake will come to greet your Sims whenever they move into a new neighborhood.

OH. And one more thing. The patch notes said that the Sims 4 developers fixed a little unpleasantness caused by a bug that was forcing Sims into involuntary, conscripted service:

Sims in inactive households will no longer find themselves conscripted into unwanted jobs.

I guess it’s not technically slavery since they’re still being paid? Also, because they’re Sims?

Next week, The Sims 4 will get a new a “perfect patio” stuff pack that adds, among other things, usable hot tubs:

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And yes, a Sim guru confirmed that you can woo-hoo in the hot tubs:


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As much as it sucks to have tons of content split into expansions separate from the main game, at least EA & Maxis have been pretty supportive of the Sims modding community.