The Sims 3 Create-Everything Trailer

The elderly man and his young blonde maid make a cameo appearance in this new Create-A-Sim trailer for The Sims 3, which highlights all the ways you can customize your new Sim's life.

The video starts off showing you the myriad options available for creating your Sim, and then quickly moves on to all of the other things you can create, from furniture styles to houses to cars. It's a rather nice representation of the potential contained within EA's latest The Sims title.

I've never quite gotten sucked into the series as badly as some of my close associates have, but I am more than likely going to pick up 3 when it comes out, if only to install it and quickly realize I don't have enough free time to get very creative with it, trapping some poor guy in a wall to pee himself to death before moving on.

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