The Sims 3 = A Man Robbing Your House While You Have Sex

Every game on the Nintendo 3DS has some sort of rotating icon that appears on the system's home menu. Submarine game Steel Diver features a rotating sub. Ridge Racer has a car. These things epitomize their games.


What epitomizes the Sims 3 experience? A burglar peeping on you while you're having sex. Or maybe you're the burglar/peeper.

Many decisions were made during the creation of The Sims 3 for 3DS. This was not one we had imagined.



This one time in the Sims 2 I had my Sim enact a slow, painful revenge scheme by gradually befriending the man who had robbed his house, showering him in presents and then asking him to move in.

Once moved in I proceeded to take all of his money and drown him in the backyard. Good times.