Oh hey! It’s time to take a look at the first day of the 2016 Tokyo Game Show.

Today was the first business day, hence the small crowds. When the public days start, expect huge masses of people.

Honestly, this year was an off one. A really off one. Some of the biggest companies were trying to get games out the door that should’ve been released on the PlayStation 3. That, perhaps, meant less brand new stuff.

What was fascinating, however, was to see how VR appears to have a strong foothold in Japan. It’s too early to see whether VR in Japan will go mainstream, but there is already a great deal of creativity among the big companies like Sony, as well as smaller and indie studios.

The Last Guardian wasn’t playable at the show, but there was lots of interest for the title. Here, a trailer is being shown.
Even on the first business day, the Sony booth was packed. It’ll be a mad house once the public days start.
Square Enix, of course.
This will draw massive lines.
Sharp-looking school uniforms from Persona 5.
You, too, can own the P5 protagonist glasses!
The Namco Bandai booth was enormous.
Neat Umbrella Corp. clock, no?
Note quite a motorbike, but for VR, close enough.
The actual outfit Milla Jovovich wore in the upcoming Resident Evil movie. That wig, though? Don’t think she wore that!
Capcom’s booth this year was, like every year, awesome.
The Mafia III is (literally) big in Japan. Wonder how this game will do here...
Impressive booth for a trailer!
D3 Publisher’s booth. Earth Defense Force 5 seems like a good time.
Surely, the demo TVs could be placed in other locations. Surely.
The now seemingly annual Yakuza set up at the Sega booth.
Sony actually has two VR demo areas. This is the second one.
Minecraft and Overwatch merch.
Sega shirts.
Metal Gear at the Konami booth.
Works of beauty.
Capcom showed off its expensive replica jackets that are available for purchase.
“I love video games.”
More Capcom merch.
Even more.
This is cute.
This is not.
Intel had a big booth this year. I don’t recall seeing them before at TGS like this.
Note the butt mouse pads.
Nobody looks good playing VR. Nobody.
Cool even if you don’t like Monster Hunter.
See the jacket in the foreground? That is in case you want to wear it while playing this VR game.
Nom nom nom.
Twitch really seems like it’s in Japan for the long haul.
More Capcom merch.
Big Monster booth.
How you feel after a long day.