With DariusBurst: Second Prologue, arcade shooter DariusBurst blasts up iOS with side-scrolling shooting and a hailstorm of pew-pews.

I love shooters—and I think the iOS is a viable platform for them. Yet, I'm not the world's biggest horizontal shooter fan. I prefer vertical shooters, which is a layout that suits the iPhone.

So while playing DariusBurst: Second Prologue, I made it about two minutes as a horizontal scroller. Even with the customized logo, my fingers kept getting in the way, and it was nearly impossible to play.

That's why I flipped my phone and played it as a vertical shooter. That kind of defeats the point of playing a horizontal shooter, I guess, but I've always like the big bosses in Darius, and this game looks great on iOS. It's got a great soundtrack, too.


Gotta do whatcha gotta do, I guess.

DariusBurst: Second Prologue [$10.99, iTunes]