The Shuttle Has Landed...

Many of us watched as the space shuttle Atlantis rocketed into space earlier this month, marking the last time a space shuttle will ever leave the Earth. Early this morning Atlantis came home.

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Sadly, our ambitions eclipse our current understanding of the universe around us and the laws that govern that universe. I want to believe that manned space missions are still practical, but we still live in a society where we rely on 19th century technology.

SpaceX will undoubtedly be the runner up to Nasa's programs, and even they are burning a mixture of kerosene and oxygen to power their rockets into space. We are only going to get so far using principles from over a century ago.

I don't know if we will discover the secrets of faster than light travel here on earth, or out there in space, I just hope I live long enough to see it in my lifetime. I really wish I had been born in the 25th or 26th century, that would be a hell of a time to live. I hold enough hope out for the human race that we would eventually settle our differences with each other and work towards expanding outwards.

Maybe it might be like mass effect, where we discover a marker left behind by an ancient civilization that bestows us the gift of space travel not possible by our current understanding of physics and quantum mechanics. Or maybe it's like battlestar galactica in that we all came here from some other place.

In any case, I refuse to believe that this is the place of our birth, and that our existence will go out with a wimper and that nothing out there in the cosmos will ever know that we even existed.

Maybe we just don't deserve to explore the reaches of space yet. Can you even imagine the havoc we could wreck upon a fledgling civilization should we ever accidentally stumble across one? We can't even settle our differences between ourselves, and the environment around us on earth...

Man, I think about this shit way too much.